Choosing a Vaporizer

Choosing a Vaporizer


The first vaporizer I ever used had a small metal cup that would heat dried herb inside a glass jar with a tube and mouthpiece that you inhaled through. You would turn the vaporizer on until you could see and taste the vapor and then turn it off before the herb began to toast, repeating this process.

The most recent vaporizer I have tried, almost 15 years later, the Pax 3, is a sleek, portable, rechargeable vaporizer worthy of Ironman. With temperature controls and L.E.D. indicators, you need only push a button when you’re ready to vape.

From the early jar and tube models, the steady evolution of vaporizer technology has made this safer alternative to smoking easier to access. Over the last decade a plethora of shapes and sizes have been designed with the introduction of vapor bags, handheld devices, and fine tuned temperature gauges. Vapor pens are now a common sight, and artistic vape box modifications can be found all over the internet, from “game boy’s” to “light sabers”.

All this emerging technology requires a helping hand to get orientated. The ‘Vape Critic’ on youtube has hundreds of reviews that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the many available vaporizer models. An array of options are available for all budgets. Beginners may prefer to start with a simple desktop unit while advanced vapers explore the multiple accessories available for their portable device.

Replaceable bowls made from different materials may be switched out to accommodate dry herb, concentrates or e-liquid. The temperature gauges offer varying accuracy: some can be tuned to a specific degree; some only to a few pre-sets (low/med./high) and other models require the user to pump the heat manually with a battery. 

Head shops and Vapor lounges are available in some cities as a place where people can become oriented to the selection of vaporizers and how to use them. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to a friendly vape shop so Red Baron Vapes has created a series of blogs to help you to learn about desktop and portable units, give you helpful information to get you started and tip on how to get the most out of using a vaporizer.

You’re on the right track to finding a vaporizer suited to your personal preferences.

About the Author: Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis.