Vaping Dry Herb

Vaping Dry Herb


There are a number of tips to consider when preparing to vape dried herbs. The amount of resin on the herb, indicated by its stickiness, is a desirable quality, offering a more potent product and potentially reducing the amount of herb needed for a satisfying vape. Herb that isn’t as sticky is likely to still contain resin. The resin glands of cannabis are enfolded into the clustered structure of the flower bud.

Herbs can maintain different moisture levels depending on the humidity of their surroundings. Humidity control packets can be helpful to keep your herb at a perfect dryness while storing it in a cool, dark place. Excess moisture in your herb can lead to a harsher vaping experience that dilutes the flavors that you desire.

To maximize your access to the enfolded resin glands and minimize your exposure to residual moisture you must break open the herb and spread it out. This process can be done with your fingers; but scissors are better and a herbal grinder is better still. Some models recommend using a micro grinder like the “nano grinder” to get the best results from your vape.

Spread your finely ground material out onto a piece of unbleached paper. Leave it for 10-15 minutes in a cool, dark, windless place that nobody will knock it over by accident. The ideal dryness could be described as ‘almost crispy’. With a finely ground and well dried herbal material you are assured the smoothest and tastiest draw that your vaporizer has to offer.

When your herb is heated, the plant resins vaporize into the airstream, leaving behind a residue of undesired plant material including waxes and cellulose. Clearing out the toasted, browning material and cleaning off the gunk with ensure you keep your vapor pulls flavorful. Most designs have multiple removable parts that are easy to access and clean.

One of the many benefits of utilizing a vaporizer is the ability to take a very small inhalation and stop. This offers the user more control to reflect on the experience before deciding to continue; the ember of a cigarette waves a consistent reminder to continue smoking or continue wasting your herb.

Whether you are using a desktop vaporizer on the coffee table in your home or packing a portable unit in your pocket for a hike in the woods, these tips will maximize the benefits of your vaping experience.

About the Author: Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis.