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Why Should I Use A Vaporizer?


It’s Healthier

Vaping is the 21st century’s answer to the question: how should I consume cannabis? Acceptance of cannabis use is on the rise, and vaping is the preferred method of ingestion.

Smokers of both substances are becoming increasingly more socially aware and health conscious.  Whether you choose tobacco or cannabis, vaping is a healthier and more convenient option than smoking.

“Vape” was the 2014 Oxford English dictionary word of the year.

The era of Cheech and Chong’s giant joints has been succeeded by the era of extracts and concentrated oils. People have realized that you can still get all of the benefits of cannabis use without consuming the by-products of burnt plant material. This reasoning was at the center of the arguments that convinced the Supreme Court of Canada to strike down the law banning extracts of cannabis in 2015. (RvSmith)

The Flavours

The active materials in Cannabis (the cannabinoids and terpenes) are stored in droplets of resin at the end of plant hairs called trichomes. A vaporizer heats the resin without combustion, releasing the resin into the vapor stream. Some vaporizer models use a direct heating method (conduction) others use indirect heating of the air around the material (convection). Initially, vaporizers were designed for herbs like lavender for the essential oil linalool used in aromatherapy. Vaping adds a lot more flavor to your puff.

From their humble beginnings, Vapes have multiplied and diversified, taking various shapes and sizes, designed to suit any individual’s style and needs. They have been redesigned for use with various liquid "e juices" and all possible forms of cannabis. They come with USB re-chargers and exchangeable tops, tiny cleaning tools and all other kinds of accessories. Dab rigs are surpassing bongs as the stoners coffee table glassware of choice.

It’s Practical

The fast-acting effects of inhalation make it a practical way to quickly achieve the desired result. Unlike a joint, vaporizers allow the user to take a very tiny pull on the mouthpiece and stop. A joint or bong bowl will wastefully burn away your cannabis as you wait to feel the desired result of the preceding puff. When cannabis is smoked, up to two-thirds of the material is lost to the atmosphere in plumes. Just imagine that for every dozen eggs you buy, you drop 8 of them on the floor. Vaping will save you money and those around you from your smelly waste.

Whether they are portable, desktop, digital or disposable, the purpose of the many kinds of available vaporizers is the same, avoiding the unhealthy products contained in smoke while achieving an almost instant onset of effects. For medicinal cannabis user this especially helpful when experiencing unpredictable spikes in pain or the treatable symptoms of other acute conditions.

So now that you know a few good reasons to use a Vaporizer, which will you choose?

About the Author: Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis.